Since its founding in 1982 by Michael Rothmann, the company has its headquarters in Drabenderhöhe (near Cologne) and produces and distributes a variety of medical products from here.
Its customers include medical wholesalers and retailers in Germany and more than 50 other countries worldwide. In addition to the articles for the practice and hospital requirements is also developed and produced for the areas of elderly care, rehabilitation, veterinary and sports.
A further production area of miro Verbandstoffe GmbH is neuropad® – an early detection test for the diabetic foot syndrome, as well as the product group of modern wound care. In 2010, these divisions were transferred from miro Verbandstoffe GmbH to the new subsidiary TRIGOcare International GmbH.
In the second generation, the company has been managed by Stefan Rothmann since 2007. Since September 2014, Mr. Guido Jakob has been appointed as equal managing director.