Trigo-pad aqua

Το επίθεμα trigo-pad aqua είναι ένα αποστειρωμένο, μη κολλητικό υδροκυτταρικό ημιπερατό διαφανές επίθεμα υδρογέλης.

trigo pad aqua1TRIGOpad aqua is a slightly cooling, transparent hydrogel dressing made of a PU-gel (60% water) with a gas-permeable, but liquid- and bacteria- impermeable surface layer of polyurethane. The gel can release humidity and absorb secre on at the same time. Thereby it provides a moist wound environment which promotes the natural healing process. TRIGOpad aqua does not stick to the wound and can be removed residue-free. The dressing is transparent and thereby allows an easy observa on of the wound without bandage changes.