TRIGOgel is a clear, viscous, sterile gel that con- tains a modi ed starch polymer, glycerol, preser- va ves and water. TRIGOgel maintains a moist wound environment, that enhances the physio- logical healing process. Dependant on wound condi ons, TRIGOgel rehydrates dry necro c ssue to promote debridement in dry wounds or absorbs wound slough and exudates of low exuda ng wounds.

TRIGOgel can be easily and gently removed by means of an appropriate wound cleaning with e.g. a sterile 0.9% saline solu on or a sterile Ringer ́s rinsing solu on. This produces li le or no trauma to the wound and so results in im- proved wound healing and pain-free dressing changes. TRIGOgel is always used in combina on with a secondary dressing.