OwlMed as a brand name and as a corporate brand uses the owl, a symbol of “wisdom” from antiquity.


Our goal is to emphasize our company’s know-how and expertise in its purpose, which is the prevention, management, repair of injuries and wounds, whose globalization is expected to be continually increasing due to the pandemic saccharide. Diabetes, sedentary life, obesity and the aging of the population.


OwlMed, having as its central axis human beings, combined with the expertise of healing expertise, offers a comprehensive skin care line consisting of:


1) Preventive products


2) chronic and acute wound dressings, burn, which belong to the categories of Medical Devices, Cosmetics and Special Nutrition.


OwlMed’s main goal is to offer the best in the patients’ care, to improve the everyday life of patients and of their carers, while ensuring quick treatment and recovery, always taking into account the wise cost / benefit ratio.


Our tools to reach our goals are both the highly trained human resources of our company, which is always next to the patient and the caregiver and our products, which were selected or designed by us, with our knowledge, experience, wisdom in Treatment Traumatology.


Today we have the innovative products of TRIGOcare International GmbH both in the field of prevention and treatment, as well as the Corio spray, the only therapeutic dermal healer and protection of our own design.